PRODUCT No.: WC-41402

The ‘X Line’ Selective Running Tool is designed to install subsurface control equipment using a type WC-LM-WX Locking Mandrel. The selective features of the WC-RTX Line Running Tool allow the operator to install the down-hole device in a pre-determined WC-LNP-WX Landing Nipple by adjusting the tool into the selective position. If the subsurface control is to be installed in the upper most landing nipple, the locking mandrel may be run with the keys in the control or location position.

In addition to setting the WC-LM-WX Locking Mandrel, the Running Tool may be used to locate WC-LNP-WX Landing Nipples.

The ‘R Line’ Selective Running Tool, similar in design, is also available in a wide range of sizes to install Type WC-LM-WR Locking Mandrels in heavy weight tubing