MODEL: WC-WSRP [Single Bore]&WC-WSRP-1[Double Bore]

PRODUCT No.: WC-20801 & WC-20805

Wire Line Set Retrievable Packer is a Retrievable Packer which is hydraulically set by pressure in the production tubing. It is particularly suitable for Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Wells.These are set by using a Hydraulic Setting Tool with the combination of appropriate Wireline Adapter Kit. With the aid of exact Retrieving Tool these packer are released by shear ring mechanism. Once set does not require string weight or tension to remain anchored. Bidirectional slips prevent any movement of the tool. The packer is retrieved by a straight pull shear ring release mechanism making use of our WC-RT retrieving tool.

These packers are available with dual seal bore feature for facilitating easy anchor tools as our Model: WC-WSRP-1.


  • Run and set with the production tubing.
  • Hydraulic setting eliminates the requirements for spacing out and the use of sliding sleeves. (Opening and closing) for the displacement of fluids.
  • Effects on the tubing (compression and tension) are transmitted to slips-there is no shear ring which limits these stress.
  • Retrieval independent of tubing with a Retrieving Tool. It can be left at the bottom of the well with a Wireline plug in a nipple to isolate the formation.
  • Opposed slips positioned under the packing to avoid setting. Problems with retrieval due toannulus.
  • Available for standard, H2S or CO2 services [NACEMR01-75].


This Packer can be used as a simple/Single or oil production wells or in water or gas injection wells.

The stresses created on the tubing are contained by it and therefore upper joint of the tubing must be checked to see that it can stand these stresses.


Specification Guide


in / mm


Box up

#10 2.750 / 69.58 2 7/8 IF
#20 3.313 / 84,15 3 1/2 IF