With the understanding of essential and significance performance of our product’s in the oil/gas well, a world class state of art, modular, high tech and compact test well system is in operation to achieve test objectives either of the customer’s or of API standard requirement while ensuring reliable and repeatable satisfactory functional results of our products.

Architectural high end features (e.g.: Well bore: 21”, Pressure rating: 15,000 PSI, Applicable Load: 100 Ton, Temperature Rating: 4000F) makes it robust so as to be compatible for all versatile well simulations as per our categories of product’s testing procedures.

Fully computerized operating, controlling and recording system always add value to our Test Well facility towards it’s integrity and trustworthy out comes either in graphical or tabular representation.

Its integral design orchestrated to carry out test in both the medium of liquid and gaseous environment.



To ensure consistency of our products and concerned components functional requirement, all of them process thru stated and recorded surface testing procedures.

Testing of our product arrays carried out by applying pneumatic and/or hydraulic pressure to verify and validate as per the requirements in our excellent state of art surface testing lab.

Its safety credentials are tough & thicken concrete structure of wall, ballistic bullet proof transparent glass window; grilled flooring with aside oil storage sunk to prevent slippage of manpower while carrying out and subsequently observing successful testing of our products.



Highly equipped with updated technology and machineries our MTL facilitates all kinds of mechanical testing e.g.: UTM (400 KN Compression/Tensile Load with numerical control and computerized recording system integrity), Digital Hardness Tester (Rockwell Scale C and B), Charppy Impact/Izod Testing Machine.

Dedicated testing software and testing fixture assimilated with our UTM for conducting performance test as per API Spec 10D/10D2 to verify and validate our Bow Spring Centralizers and Stop Collars. Distinct SPMs, jigs and fixtures are all set in our Test Lab to accomplish successful functional/ substantiate testing of our products and components to assure compatibilities and capabilities as per their precise obligations.

Our Test Lab armed with all relevant instruments to carry out respective testing for numerous categories of materials (e.g.: Rubber, Teflon etc.) and commodities ensuring their performance/properties reliability.




Wellcare has a full-fledged standard gauge room and inspection facility, one of the best of its kind in the industry. The Standard Gauge Room utilizes Master and Working thread gauges [taper or straight] in compliance to API and ISO standards. All Thread measuring gauges and instruments are subject to a stringent calibration program to ensure only the highest quality measuring instruments are used from the receipt of material to the final delivery of the product. The company's quality control Standard Gauge room is operated by extensively trained and highly skilled personnel.

All employees at Wellcare understand the importance of supplying a quality product to the customer. This has been achieved by the successful development of a Internal Quality Policy. Regular steps are undertaken to ensure the continual improvements of our Quality System and product.

Our Employees are continually updating their inspection methods to keep in line with the latest advancements in measuring technology.

Our facilities ensure higher and consistent level of quality with commitment to meeting or exceeding customer’s expectation.