MODEL: WC-WLCR [Wire line set] & WC-MCR [Mechanical set]

PRODUCT No.: WC-23201& WC-23202

This is a high performance drillable cement retainer ideal for most remedial cementing applications. It is designed to function as a drillable squeeze packer which after cementing acts as a plug trapping to squeeze pressure on the cement below the retainer and isolating the newly cemented area from the hydrostatic pressures above the cement retainer.

Changing the upper slip enable the cement retainer to be set mechanically or on a wireline setting tool assembly. It is easily converted to a bridge plug.


  • Choices in setting such as wireline, mechanical or hydraulic.
  • High Performance - 10,000 psi and 4000 F
  • Superior running characteristic i.e. enormous annulus clearance for faster & safer run-in.
  • Locked Construction
  • With simple kit Cement Retainer easily converted to bridge
  • All models may be converted to wireline or mechanical
  • Simple surface controlled valve
  • Allows pressure testing before squeeze
  • Valve automatically closes when the stinger is removed
  • Easily PDC drillable.


  • Well abandonment
  • Temporary and permanent zone isolation
  • Cementing
  • Stimulation

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