PRODUCT No.: WC-11712

It is designed to use with conventional land based drilling and service rigs, as well as with offshore rigs not equipped with a top drive or using a conventional manifold.
The heavy duty design and construction of this assembly easily handles the tensile loads seen in deep drilling liner applications with sufficient capacity to handle any problems like stuck pipe that could occur while running a liner assembly.
Cementing Manifold is a robust cementation device which allows you to hang drill pipe weight by the rig elevators meanwhile retaining the plug to be released at will, once cementing is complete.
The Cementing Manifold also connects the cementing lines to the running string during liner operations, and includes a heavy duty swivel for easy drill pipe string manipulation with the cementing lines still connected to the manifold.
The swivel mechanism and drill pipe plug retainer are built in below the elevators for unobstructed operation.
Cementing Manifold is available with single or multi plug drop capabilities.


  • High strength Q&T 4145 alloy steel
  • Displacement fluid and cement can be diverted below or above the plug through an external
  • Manifold rated to 10,000 PSI working pressure Wiper plug release tell tale visual confirmation
  • Cementers most respected cementing manifold design