The Wellcare RTA Running Tool, is used to run and set all Wellcare Locks. It has been designed to prevent accidental setting even if tight spots are encountered while running in the well. The running tool and lock will not separate until the locking dogs on the lock are fully expanded into the nipple locking profile. If this does not occur, the running tool will not release and will bring the lock back out of the well when retrieving the running tool. The Model RTA Running Tool is designed to be used in Model D-Probe, Product No. WC-23907.

Features & Benefits

Several lock sizes can be run with same running tool Indicator in running tool. In case the lock is not properly set in nipple, lock will return with running tool Running tool simply constructed. No collets, springs, or plunger to move up or down to manipulate lock into a locating position. Running tool is in accordance with accepted wire-line procedures.

A Running Tool 41702
A Running Tool 41702